Joolz Geo Geo² Geo³

Is the push handle or carrying handle (safety bar) of your Joolz Geo 1-2-3 stroller worn or broken? Then Re-Covers has the ideal solution; a leather cover that is made of soft Nappa leather or Leatherette, with zipper (in 15 colors).

Joolz Geo Geo² Geo³, leather stroller upholstry

A cover set for a worn-out Joolz Geo 1-2-3, stroller is available for the following purposes;

  • bag hook set in matching color
  • stroller footmuff in matching color
  • diaper bag in matching color

Joolz Geo 1-2-3, upholstery

The Joolz Geo 1-2-3, pram leather upholstery has invented and developed by Re-Covers. Re-Covers upholstery is made of the highest quality Napa leather and artificial leather with zip and stretch elastic (processed on the inside). Your Joolz Geo 1-2-3, will soon look like new again with a unique leather look that will feel wonderfully soft on your hands.

Upholstery color

Determine which color you want to have when you complete your order. You can choose from 15 different napaleer colors.

Joolz Geo 1-2-3, color swatch

If you want to be 100% sure which leather color will suit you best, order a Re-Covers color swatch. You can order six color samples from this web shop and when completing your order. We will then send your color sample the same Geo so that you have it at home within a few Geos.

Joolz Geo 1-2-3, advantage package

Re-Covers also offers discount on combination packages, your discount can be read in the product specifications. Discount examples;

  • push handle and carrying handle upholstery combination kit = with free shop bag hook set
  • push handle, carrying handle and frame bracket kit = free bag hook set and shoulder pads

Joolz Geo 1-2-3, upholstery decoration

Joolz Geo 1-2-3, upholstery from Re-Covers is standard in smooth leather (without sewn decorative diamond motif). For a small additional charge you can order a decorative diamond motif, you can do this when you complete your order in your shopping cart.

Choose from the Joolz Geo 1-2-3, pram upholstery range from Re-Covers below and make your worn-out Joolz Geo 1-2-3, pram like new again in no time. Guaranteed a unique leather look (great to hold).

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