100% lamb leather
Custom made
2-3 weeks delivery time
6 months waranty

Baby stroller Leather Product Information

Re-Covers makes highest possible premium quality leather pram accessories for modern brand pram in Europe. Re-Covers offers pram replacement parts for fast-wearing pram parts such as the handlebar handle or handlebar handle.

Pram leather stroller upholstery @ re-Covers 

Over the years, Re-Covers has been able to further expand its stroller and upholstery range and is now selling for many different modern stroller brands. Re-Covers is also active on social media with thousands of Facebook Likes.

Re-Covers also likes challenges, so even for strollers that Re-Covers has not seen before, we are happy to make (on request) your new leather upholstery kit.

Baby stroller cover Nappa lamb leather

Re-Covers makes pram upholstery made from lamb leather; a leather cover designed to improve ease of use. You can zip your new cover onto your push handle or carrying bar in no time.

Pram cover with stretch elastic

Leather is stretchable however to a certain extent, this makes it difficult to attach the leather. That is why Re-Covers has developed a product; leather with stretch elastic. Elastic stretches more easily and you cannot see from the outside with the eye (processed on the inside of the cover).

Baby stroller push rod cover assembly

The assembly of a pushchair pushbar, carrying rod or frame bracket cover is simple:

  • do not remove the stroller handle foam
  • open the new zipper’s zipper
  • place cover over the old (foam rubber?) handle
  • massage the leather cover with your hands
  • close the zipper of the new push bar cover by hand

Baby stroller accessories leather

A stroller / pram handle cover from Re-Covers.nl is usually made of genuine lamb leather and available in 14 leather-color variations. Custom made by hand based on your preference and choice.

About Re-Covers stroller leather accessories company

Re-Covers is a Dutch family business based in Noordwijk, province of South Holland in the Netherlands. with many satisfied clients. We invest a lot of money and time in our collection to also make these for other prams and to make constant improvements to our products.