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Measurement instructions stroller frame bracket

Below a number of short measuring instructions regarding the measurement of the bracket thickness of your pram. With the right dimensions, Re-Covers can make upholstery that fits even better on your stroller. Measuring is usually not necessary, for most brands Re-Covers knows the dimensions in advance.

Measuring instructions stroller bracket thickness

We ask you to measure the circumference as you see in the photo.

  1. use a measuring tape, the foam parts of your pram can best be measured using a measuring tape.
  2. roll the measuring tape over the handlebar
  3. see what the diameter size is
  4. pass on the size to Re-Covers (email, contact form or Whatsapp)

Measuring tape instructions 2-part handle

In the case of a handle with 2 parts, we request you to measure both sides.

Re-Covers also asks you to measure at different places to measure whether the bracket diameter has the same size everywhere.

Re-Covers needs the exact diameter dimensions, you do not have to perform any further calculations.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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