Quinny Moodd

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Quinny Moodd Upholstery or push bar handle worn or torn? Find out about the leather upholstery by Re-Covers to beautify for your Quinny Mood stroller. Premium natural lambskin or Leatherette, handmade especially for you.
Re-covers Accessoires for Quinny Moodd :

Handle bar covers
Carry bar covers
A set of handle bar and carry bar covers with a set free baghooks
Shoulder pads in matching color
Diaper bag in matching color

Choose stroller upholstery color
The Re-Covers pram leather cover is made of colorful tanned lamb leather or artificial leather. The lamb leather can either be waxed (waxed black or waxed cognac) or be without wax. In total Re-Covers offers 15 different leather colors where you can choose from. These are the colors of lamb leather:

Cognac Brown Light
Cognac Brown Dark
Cognac Black Light
Cognac Black Dark
Off White
Soft Pink
Milky Choco
Dark Brown
Light Grey
Medium Grey
Dark Grey

Optimal use of the Re-covers covers:
Our covers are not resistant to sunscreen / hand cream / alcohol gel or other (disinfecting) agents. If you regularly maintain the covers by means of a leather wax or beeswax then impregnates and protects the leather color against the acids of hand sweat. You can rub the covers with a velvet or soft cloth. Then, as a final treatment, rub the leather wax twice and your covers will shine like new again. Your used Quinny Moodd stroller handlebar or carry bar cover will look better than new with the handmade napa leather or leatherette upholstery from Re-Covers.
Quinny Moodd stroller handle
You can easily attach the Re-Covers upholstery on your Quinny Moodd leather pram handle by hand using the zipper. The strech elastic makes it even easier for you. Your Quinny Moodd stroller will look better than new.
Quinny Moodd premium leather decoration
The Quinny Moodd pram leather accessories from Re-Covers are with or without a machine stiched diamond motif. During checkout you can place your order for decorative stiching.
Re-Covers worldwide delivery
Thousands of customers today are using Re-Covers pram leather upholstery and accessories. Re-Covers has been selling universal stroller accessories worldwide for more then 6 years.
Re-Covers product warranty
Re-Covers customers will receive an 6 month warranty. Buyers are given a 6 month warranty on the quality of the leather and the proper functioning of the zipper.
Quinny Moodd Accessories
If you want to buy the best Quinny Moodd stroller accessories, Re-Covers has the most comfortable stroller accessories in real leather for you.
Quinny Moodd cover
If your Quinny Moodd worn out or no longer beautiful, then Re-Covers has come up with a smart solution. Re-Covers has designed children’s leather car upholstery with elastic material and a zipper for easy assembly (by hand).
Re-Covers delivery time
The average delivery time for products is two – four weeks. The shipment of Re-Covers leather accessories for the Quinny Mood stroller takes place according to delivery conditions.
Covers customer service
You can expect a friendly and helpful customer service. Re-Covers will help you place the correct order and provide you with the correct instructions.